Acne Scar Removal

Reduce And Eliminate Acne Scars

At London Laser  we specialize in acne scar removal. We have several types of treatments to help improve the appearance of scarred skin.Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. A scar results from the biologic process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues. Most wounds, except for very minor ones, result in some degree of scarring.

Scars can result from accidents, diseases, skin conditions such as acne, or surgeries.Dermaroller micro-needling before and after

How Do Scars Form?

Scars form when the dermis (deep, thick layer of skin) is damaged. The body forms new collagen fibers (a naturally occurring protein in the body) to mend the damage, resulting in a scar. The new scar tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue. Scars form after a wound is completely healed.

There are different kinds of scars. Most scars are flat and pale. However, in cases when the body produces too much collagen, scars can be raised. Raised scars are called hypertrophic scars or keloid scars. Both of these kinds of scars are more common in younger and dark-skinned people.

Some scars can have a sunken or pitted appearance. This kind of scarring occurs when underlying structures supporting the skin (for example, fat or muscle) are lost. Some surgical scars have this appearance, as do some scars from acne.

Scars also can appear as stretched skin. Such scars result when the skin stretches rapidly (for example, as in growth spurts or during pregnancy). In addition, this type of scar can occur when the skin is under tension (near a joint, for example) during the healing process.

How Can Scars Be Treated?

Although scars cannot be completely removed, their appearance can be improved to some extent. Methods for improving the appearance of scars include:

  • Picosure Laser                                                                                                                  PicoSure’s PressureWave™ technology uses a unique wavelength of light (755nm) and a specialized lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes cells, activating the natural cell signaling processes that create new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin. This type of laser treatment achieves more subtle results by working on the collagen in the dermis without removing the upper layers of skin. This advancement results in little down time as opposed to traditional laser resurfacing and dermabrasion, which requires a longer recovery.
  • Microneedling.                                                                                                                               Many small puncture holes are made into the superficial skin to stimulate collagen production and even introduce collagen stimulators or other products to try to reduce the appearance of scars.When it comes to minimally invasive treatments, Micro-needling Collagen Induction therapy with the eDermaStamp® is clinically proven and is perhaps the most successful treatment available for the common signs and symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, loss of skin volume, and crepey skin. The eDermaStamp® micro-needling treatment is even proven to minimize scars and stretch marks. The eDermaStamp® therapy triggers the body’s spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation and causing the formation of new collagen. This results in a thicker, more supple, cellular matrix. Results: visibly younger looking skin.

  • Chemical Peels                                                                                                                             can improve the skin‘s appearance. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.                                                                                                                                                           
  • Low Level Laser

    Low Level Laser Therapy, also known as Cold Laser Therapy, is an extremely effective non-thermal (or “Cold”) laser treatment, designed to treat and relieve a number of skin, inflammatory and body conditions. London Laser is proud to provide this therapy in our clinic, helping to alleviate, decrease, and reduce a number of our client’s concerns. It works by penetrating the skin deeply with a consistent infra-red laser beam at a long wavelength of 800 – 830 nm, resulting in the stimulation, regulation and acceleration of cell function in the area being treated. It also delivers effective penetration into injured cells to promote healing, restoration and the regeneration of damaged tissue. The appearance creates fresh, clear and youthful skin that is free of imperfections. This treatment can be used on any part of the body and works to restore injured tissue to a normal level in both structure and function. Symptoms such as swelling, redness and damaged skin may also be alleviated. Low Level Laser Therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments in our London clinic to achieve your desired results. When performed together with Chemical Peels, Photo Rejuvenation,  Skin Needling, and Laser Facial, your skin’s healing process is accelerated and results are increased.



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