I have been coming to London Laser for tattoo removal over the past two years and have really appreciated the experience with Deb and the team! The team is very knowledgeable and professional, and I always enjoy coming to the office and speaking with everyone. I would highly recommend London Laser for any tattoo removal needs!

-Alexander Brunton (3-01-20)

I am now in my third week and the cravings are next to none. When I do have one, it is more a habit craving and last only a few seconds. Like we discussed, this will work if you really want to quit and have your mind set on it.
Debra is great, and would be more than willing to answer any questions. Although there are others that advertise laser treatment to quit smoking, I did research many and made my decision to go to Debra. I can honestly say Debra makes the experience a personal one which really helped me.

– Darren Ryan (22-07-13)

I have not had a smoke since we met Aug 15. I know I would have come to “this place” personally, mentally physically at some point, but with your assistance, I’ve come so much closer to real freedom, faster than I could have imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you.. and everything you do.

– Sharon (2012-09-12)

I was a victim of six packs of cigarettes and a fifth of vodka per day. After seeking help and getting laser therapy I am smoke and alcohol free with no relapses.

– Ed (2004-04-17)

I have tried many times to lose weight with many different diets. Since my first visit I felt that I would succeed and now I have. My whole attitude has changed. I now eat the right foods at the right time and have more energy than I´ve had in years.

– Joyce (2004-04-17)

All my life I´ve had allergies and asthma I was a three pack a day smoker who used to sit around with a cigarette in one hand and an inhaler in the other, Now after just one treatment I can say I am free from a life of smoking. I would recommend this program to anyone.

– Mark (2004-04-17)

After two visits I noticed my shoulder pain had been reduced significantly and I regained movement in my shoulders and arms. I continued treatment twice weekly for the following 4 weeks and my shoulder pain is practically disappeared. I have no reservation in recommending Optimum Health Laser Centre to anyone as an adjunct to improve one´s health and well being.

– Henry Poon Ph.D (2004-04-28)

I just wanted to thank you.I have no cravings.This has been the easiest time I have ever had quitting smoking.

– Liz (2004-05-12)

I heard about laser treatment for quitting smoking on a TV news report.I thought that was for me because I smoked for 40 years.I had tried to quit but niothing worked for me. An hour later I walked out of there and haven´t had a smoke or even a craving for one since.I heartily recommend this for anyone who wants to quit. After 11 weeks I feel much better.My sense of smell and tastes have also improved.

– Oeds DeJager (2005-11-16)

Just a quick note to let you know I am doing GREAT. One week today. No urges. I´m telling every smoker I know about you.

I feel fabulous.

– Sheri (2005-11-16)

Debbie and Angela:

It has been two weeks since my wife Kathie Brown and I received your laser treatment for nicotine addiction.

I am happy to report that we are still both non-smokers.
It hasn´t been easy, but we are working together to stay smoke free.

I am writing this email to thank both of you and also to provide you some feedback on your excellent program.

I believe it was you that I talked to make our appointment. I had already reviewed your website and it provided me with the incentive to make the move and call for an appointment.
Your words of encouragement and explanation of the process were very helpful for me to start preparing myself to become a non-smoker.
It is a major decision to become a non-smoker, and the preparation for that date and time is almost as important as what follows that date and time.
I can´t remember everything you said, but that personal contact was very helpful for my wife and I to get ourselves psyched up prior to receiving the treatment.

You gave us the laser treatment and during that process displayed an understanding of what we were going through and what we were about to go through.
Your advice on life-style changes and kind words of encouragement were excellent to prepare us to become non-smokers. Your genuine concern for our health was also another incentive for us to stay smoke-free.
Your insight on the use of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and detoxifiers, plus overall health advice was also very helpful.
When we left you office, we both believed we could do it.

When I was a smoker, I had major sinus problems, ie constantly running nose, congestion, coughing etc.
Within 2 days of being a non-smoker this problem was 90% better.

I have only had a few major cravings, and I have taken care of them with apples and carrots.
I have also managed to go from 8 cups of coffee a day to less than 8 cups per week, and have significantly reduced my alcohol consumption from over 80 oz. per week to less than 26 oz. per week.
These were two things that I planned to when I quit smoking, so 2:00 pm on Jan 05, 2006, was the first hour of a new life, with alcohol, caffeine and nicotine addictions under control.
Nicotine was the common denominator with caffeine and alcohol, so eliminating the nicotine helped significantly with the other two.

Putting a name (Igor) to that nasty voice inside me was a great idea.
He has been working hard on me with respect to go back to my old ways with smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee, but as time goes on his voice is fading and another voice preaching good health and long life is getting stronger.

We still have a long way to go before we are cured, but thanks you both of you and your clinic, we are better prepared and stand a better chance of succeeding.

Thanks again for all of your help.


– Dale and Kathie Brown (2006-01-20)

After 40+ years of smoking I had tried every other method to try to quite smoking.
There was hypnosis……..nope, didn´t work;
There was the patch…….nope, didn´t work;
There was acupuncture…nope, didn´t work;
There was Ziban………….nope, didn´t work;
My choice of cigarette was Export A´ GREEN DEATH for my time of smoking. At the end of January I came to the clinic optimistic that this procedure was going to work. After the treatment I wondered if it really worked. Well, I will tell anyone who asks IT worked because in 40+ years of smoking I NEVER went 2 days without a smoke let alone what is now 7 WEEKS. From 2.5 packs a day to none with Laser treatment has been worth it.
ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Kenneth (2007-03-19)

My daughter is a goalie for a competitive soccer team. With this comes a few injuries. Recently she went down on her knee and had to be carried off the field. We went to emergency and after Xrays were told she had water on the knee. She was told to use crutches and stay off her feet until she could meet with the specialist.The following week I brought her to the clinic for treatments. After 3 treatments she was walking without crutches and without pain. Needless to say the specailist was shocked. We were very happy.

– Lori (2007-05-04)


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