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London Laser Weight Loss
London Laser Health Care has incorporated the important facets of therapy into a comprehensive program designed to maximize the client’s results. This scientifically, holistically designed program provides the client with lifestyle counselling, laser therapy, nutritional support, and behaviour modification. The average North American today is considered to be overweight, but there are no miracle cures to solve this problem. Achieving your ultimate healthy goal takes time and commitment. We will show you how to integrate healthy eating and exercise into your busy lifestyle.

Application of low power laser is used to help raise the metabolic rate. This does not replace exercise or eating right, but compliments the weight loss program for accelerated results. Our certified laser therapists will provide clients with all the necessary information to keep the metabolism accelerated for maximum results.

Our diet plan is based on losing fat and preserving muscle tone and energy. This is critical because when muscle tissue is lost basal metabolism decreases, making it difficult to stabilize weight after a weight loss program. You learn to eliminate the foods that cause us to gain weight and that prevent us from losing it. There are 3 stages to the diet plan. The first stage is followed for two weeks. Phase 2 follows and during that time the caloric count is increased and some restricted foods are reintroduced. Phase 3 is a healthy eating lifestyle, which will allow you to maintain your ideal weight and optimum level of health and wellness. Each week you will be given important nutritional information needed to allow an easy transition. With the benefits of laser, combined with nutritional knowledge, our therapists can provide the perfect stepping-stones for those who are committed to changing their lives for the better. The program is catered to how much weight you want to lose. The average weight loss is 2-3lbs. per week.


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