Hypnosis FAQs

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis can speed up the healing/change process because you deal directly with the subconscious mind where most of our issues reside. This allows for quick release of blocks, fears, or beliefs that are holding you back from being where you wish to be.

2. Will I lose control?

You can expect to feel utterly relaxed and in complete control. We simply work together to put your conscious mind to rest, to allow the subconscious to make the changes necessary. You will hear everything that either of us are saying or doing, and you will never do or say anything in hypnosis that you would not do out of hypnosis.

3. Will the hypnotherapist be able to program me in a way that is harmful to me?

There are some popular misconceptions about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, mostly because we are familiar with entertainment acts that have participants run around the stage at the whim of a hypnotist. This is not an accurate picture of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a healing practice undertaken by a certified Hypnotherapist who acts as a professional and gentle guide as you explore areas of your subconscious mind in a respectful, safe environment.

4. What will hypnotherapy feel like?

During hypnotherapy you will be in a deeply relaxed state. If you have meditated before, or practiced the type of deep breathing associated with yoga for example, you will recognize this feeling. Most people report feeling very rested after a session.

5. I’m scared about what I might see or experience.

By choosing to undertake this kind of exploration with a professional hypnotherapist, you have essentially hired a guide that is professionally trained to spot trauma or difficulty. When you experience a fearful situation in Hypnotherapy, there are specific techniques used by the hypnotherapist to immediately distance you from what you are experiencing. It is like watching a movie, or listening to the radio wherein you are a more objective listener, rather than a participant in the drama.

6. How soon will I start to feel better?

Every experience is different. Generally speaking, the mind usually takes more than one session to release significant patterns. Sometimes patterns can be like layers on an onion, the next one appearing after the first is peeled away. Other times we clear what we need to immediately. I generally recommend four to six sessions for permanent results.

7. How many times do I have to go?

Before we begin with the sessions we will have a consultation together. During this consultation we’ll determine what you want to work on and at what intensity you would prefer to proceed. Based on my experience with other clients, I typically recommend a consultation plus three sessions. There are many reasons that permanent results may take more than one session. Sometimes patterns can take time to move. Sometimes people find it difficult to surrender to the feeling of relaxation or surrender their existing beliefs about healing or hypnosis. Some will insist, even while under hypnosis, that it is impossible for them to be hypnotized. The first couple of sessions are sometimes spent understanding those feelings.

8. Can it be combined with other therapies?

I believe in an integrated approach to wellness. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that can be complimentary to many other therapies. I do a profile during your consultation and ask about other therapies that you may be undergoing. I always recommend that you let your other practitioners know that you are working with Hypnotherapy.


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