Stress Management

The London Laser stress management program can be an effective means to reduce symptoms of stress. This is based upon the laser therapy’s ability to energize normal body chemistry that stimulates a feeling of well being, and acupoint stimulation techniques, which balance the body’s energy. The behavioral program will give you an understanding of the origin of the stress in your life, provide you with guidance in reducing the symptoms of stress and give you ideas on how to better deal with anxiety when it does occur. Learn the role hormones play in the stress response and how to rebalance them using simple techniques. We also discuss the role of natural supplements in aiding the restoration of balance to the body.

The focus of this program is on active methods of managing the negative effects of stress. Clients will be encouraged to engage in positive behavioral changes, which will reduce the negative effects of stress on the body and mind.

Helpful relaxation techniques are also reviewed so you can begin to practice these methods to reduce the causes of stress in your life. Coupled with learned and practiced relaxation techniques, meditation and self hypnosis, you can feel better and reduce anxiety naturally.


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