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London Laser is the premier provider of smoking cessation services to businesses in London and surrounding areas. Our corporate programs allow employers to offer innovative programs to help your team be healthy and improve your workplace.

We team up with corporations that wish to improve the health and productivity of their workforce.

More specifically, we help employers of all sizes and budgets provide workplace-based assistance to employees interested in quitting smoking. Our innovative lasers are effective, easy and reduce company costs.

Besides the obvious health benefits, it makes good business sense to help people overcome their addiction to nicotine. Billions of dollars in corporate earnings are lost annually as a result of increased absenteeism, additional medical expenses, and decreased productivity. Studies show that smokers take 50% more sick days than non smokers. By reducing the number of smokers in your company you will reduce the number of sick days due to illnesses such as flu, colds, depression and exhaustion, as well as insurance premiums in general, which are directly attributed to the smoking habits of employees.

London Laser offers group specials at our locations, as well as offering mobile services to the location of your choice. Companies can choose to designate an area of their facility to set up and implement the therapy on site for your convenience. It only takes an hour per client, and often companies participate and designate quit smoking initiative days where employees can take a flexible hour break to participate in therapy. After treatment employees can return to work immediately and start benefitting within 20 minutes of their treatment.

Studies show that employees who smoke cost their employer an additional $3,591 annually. By making your workplace smoke-free, coupled with a cessation program, costs will automatically be reduced.

For more information about our corporate programs, or to schedule an appointment to meet with a London Laser representative, please contact us at 519-641-3100


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