Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

At London Laser we provide cosmetic tattoo removal for eyebrows, lips and micropigmentation (scalp). Unfortunately, due to the proximity to the eye, we cannot remove permanent eyeliner.

Cosmetic tattoos are often located on the face and are designed to mimic the appearance of makeup. Sometimes called, “permanent makeup,” many men and women choose eyebrow tattoos to save time on applying makeup on a daily basis. Instead of spending a few minutes touching up their eyebrows each week, they spend a few minutes getting a tattoo instead and have full-well defined eyebrows for life.

Similar cosmetic tattoos can be done to imitate eyeliner, accentuate the lips, or give lip cosmetic tattoocolour to the cheeks, but cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are by far the most popular.

If done correctly, micropigmentation and microblading are “semi-permanent” and fade without the need of laser stimulation over 6 months to a year.

When done incorrectly, the artist applying the tattoo can go to deep, penetrating the dermis and causing the tattoo to become permanent.

Cosmetic Tattoo Ink

The ink used in facial tattoos is usually cosmetic ink, which is semi-permanent. While many people assume that this will be easier to remove than the ink used in body tattoos, this isn’t actually the case, and the results can vary.

The success of laser eyebrow tattoo removal all depends on the type of ink used in the tattoos. Older inks are generally harder to remove than newer ones. In addition, while some inks will fade after a couple of treatments, others will oxidise, which results in the ink turning a much darker colour instead of lighter – some will even turn black! When this occurs, the tattoo has to be treated as new, so it can take several more treatments in order for it to fade.

The ink used in cosmetic tattoos is made up of organic and/or inorganic colourants which can change pigment in your skin for a number of reasons.

The four main factors for cosmetic tattoo ink changing colour after being injected are:

  • Characteristics of the pigment.
  • The tattoo artists method and/or technique.
  • The client’s skin.
  • The client’s environment or medicine.

If you require laser eyebrow tattoo removal because pigment has changed colour, the tattoo can be removed regardless of the cause of pigment colour change. However, it’s best to know what type of ink was used in your tattoo because this information will give you an idea of how long it will take to fade over the course of how many treatments.


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