Guided meditation is designed to teach you the correct and necessary steps that will lead you along the path of solid concentration skills toward the ability to meditate deeply and focus upon any internal goals you set. These guided meditations start with basic awareness of the breath, sounds, imagery and build toward self-examination, deepening awareness and goal-setting. Stress, depression and sleeplessness are an ever growing problem in our increasingly pressurized business and social lives. One of the main objectives of meditation is to silence the mind. When the mind is silenced, it is relieved of any stressful thoughts. Silencing the mind during meditation carries over into the awake everyday conscious life. It can help one to stay relaxed during stressful moments. Or stop one from over-reacting to a small situation because of the space between thoughts. Quieting the mind can create overall well being. It can create a sense of balance with the world, improve ones outlook, improves ones posture, and improve creativity. Each session starts with a short muscular relaxation period leading into the guided voyage. This is accompanied by relaxing music to sustain the peaceful mood you have hopefully achieved. A voice leading the way into and through the meditation can be helpful in establishing a calm and meditative state of mind. What can you expect from learning to meditate using carefully designed techniques that build upon a foundation of concentration skills?
  • Release the stress that damages your health
  • Deep relaxation of body and mind when needed anywhere, anytime
  • Ability to change what you don”e;t like in your life to what you want in life
  • Improved mental acuity, memory and clarity of thinking
  • Better and deeper sleep
  • Deeper concentration, greater focusing skills and improved learning ability
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased confidence and direction and a deepening internal strength to face challenges better
  • Ability to overcome negative and limiting behaviors
  • Elimination of bad or potentially life-threatening habits
  • Relaxation techniques learned through meditation can also result in significant health benefits:
  • Lessening of symptoms that cause heart disease by slowing your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure
  • Reduced stress which improves oxygen absorption, increased blood flow to major muscles and organs
  • Decreased muscle tension, better digestion, improved sleep habits, better nutritional absorption and improved immune system response
  • Elimination or reduction of headaches, muscle tension and back pain
  • Ability to manage anger and frustration responses to daily challenges
  • Increased energy levels creating more efficiency and productivity in your work day and allowing you to more thoroughly enjoy your leisure time


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