Accelerate Hair Growth After Chemo

London Laser is the first in the country to develop a Hair Recovery Program to accelerate hair growth for chemotherapy patients with hair loss (medical induced alopecia).It is our goal to provide  treatments and support to cancer patients who are enduring chemotherapy hair loss.

Chemo Hair Loss – The Effects of Treatment

Cancer-related hair loss is a well-known side effect for treatments, medications and surgeries. Treatments such as chemotherapy have a higher chance of causing hair loss in individuals. During chemotherapy all living cells come in contact with the drugs and hair will go into a dormancy to protect itself. During the dormant phase hair does not receive the proper protein and nutrients to thrive, as a result hair will stay in this stage until treatment is finished.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

If a patient has a genetic predisposition to female or male pattern baldness, their hair will grow back in the form of the predestined hair loss. The first signs that you may have early stages of hair loss after chemo is to notice if hair in the vertex and crown is still thin one year post-op, or the temple region hasn’t grown in. Typically after 12 months these areas of thinning are usually a sign of genetic hair loss.

Hair Growth Treatment For Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Laser therapy has been shown effective in treating patients with chemotherapy induced alopecia. Those using laser therapy following chemotherapy have seen their hair returning up to 3 months sooner and with normal characteristics. The goal is to stimulate hair regrowth so hair does not get stuck in dormancy.  Laser Therapy is a great option for those who have undergone chemotherapy and want to accelerate hair regrowth and for those who have finished years ago and are still struggling .

Hair Recovery Program for Chemotherapy Patients

London Laser implements the latest technology to accelerate hair growth using low-level laser therapy. Low-level laser therapy (Laser Therapy) will help with accelerating the hair regrowth process for patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation. The laser stimulates blood flow and accelerates the growth phase by carrying all the proper protein and nutrients to the hair.

How Can Laser Accelerate Hair Growth After Chemo?

Studies show that patients with hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and no predisposition to hair loss, usually see their hair grow back in 9-10 months. For many, post-op hair has slow growth cycles and abnormal characteristics of uneven growth, “baby-fine” hair, or “chemo curls.”

Patients receiving laser therapy treatments can accelerate hair growth as quick as 90 days. For most patients using laser therapy results can include thicker and better quality hair follicle. Call us today to discuss your treatment plan. We recognize the emotional and financial toll that cancer treatment takes on families, in fact we’ve experienced it ourselves, so helping you feel better about yourself is our goal. This treatment is offered as our way of giving back. If you can afford a donation towards costs that’s appreciated but no one will be turned away.


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