What Are The Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal?


The side effects of laser tattoo removal are actually very minimal. Occasionally, people will experience some skin colour changes. You could have hyperpigmentation where the skin goes a little bit darker. That usually resolves in about a year.

You could have hypopigmentation, where the skin loses a little bit of colour. And again, that usually resolves in about a year.

One of the other potential side effects is potential hair loss in the area, although that is very rare.

The short term effects – you might expect to see a little bit of pinpoint bruising, we call it, a little bit of swelling and redness to the area. Those effects usually resolve in about 24 hours.

Occasionally, some blistering will occur. That is a natural effect from the pressure of the laser beam hitting the skin. It’s to be expected – nothing to worry about and you treat it like any minor wound.

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